Sadness in the middle of the day

So, my 17 year old son is in jail.    There, I said it.  It is still very hard for me to grasp that fact.

When I walk by my son’s room, seeing it all clean and tidy I like to think he is away at college, learning and having a fun time.  Reality sets in and I feel an ache in my heart.

I’m wondering when the day will come that I can think of or talk about him without a knot  emerging in my throat or tears coming to my eyes.

While running errands today, I ran into a friend who is aware of what is going on in our home….I cried right there in store.  I didn’t ball my eyes out, but I couldn’t stop the welling of tears.  I’m strong and I have faith that things will turn out OK, so why…..why can’t I stop these overwhelming emotions?


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