SO- I visited my son in jail last night.  I was encouraged by what came out of his mouth.

He offered words of change.  He was genuine and it made my heart feel full with hope.  I am not naive enough to think he is just saying what I want to hear, however, these words have never been said.  The actions that he speaks of changing have never been offered.  I am choosing to believe that he is sincere, because I know about the good in his heart.  I miss hugging him, my arms ache to hug him.

I’m waiting for the sun to rise as I type; knowing I’ll go through this day with a sense of peace.  I’m looking forward to spending time with two special girlfriends this weekend.  I’m hoping for lightness, joy and lots of laughter.  These seem to be lacking and I need them desperately so I can continue to be hopeful for the future!

I’m going to find the good in this day!

Get what you want!
Get what you want!

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