Just be calm


I’m always searching for ways to keep my focus on what I can control;  that would be my attitude and how I react to situations I’m thrust into.  When I let my mind think too far into the future or about the “I wish…” and the “what ifs…” I can actually feel anxiety set in.  I never used to feel anxiety rushes, maaan, they suck!  I have a script for Xanax but am trying other avenues instead of popping a pill.

Visualizing something peaceful works for me.  I’m a very visual person.  Sometimes when I imagine a warm beach scene, I can actually feel the sun warming me.  So that is what I do and it works.  Deep relaxing breathes and scenes of water….always.  Calm water, not crazy choppy dangerous water.  Sometimes it is even pool water so that I don’t envision a fish or seaweed brushing up against me, ick & shiver.

Give it a try sometimes.  It may not always keep things in perspective but it is definitely calming and can’t hurt!

I can hear the Loons
I can hear the Loons

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