To vacation or NOT

Well our flight is booked and my family minus one are heading to Grand Cayman.  Several people have asked ‘how can you go when your son is sitting in jail’…..’how can you enjoy yourself knowing your son is alone in jail’….’wow, are you going to be able to enjoy yourself on this trip?…”………….Uuugh, I think of all of these questions ALL THE TIME.  Should we sit home during spring break because something MAY pop up with son #1?  Should son #2 have to sit home because something MAY happen with son #1…there are so many questions of an uncertain nature.  Our choice:  we are going on a trip.  We are giving our phone number to our son so he can call us twice while we are away.  We are going to attempt to enjoy ourselves, removing our focus from negatives that smack us in the face daily to all the things we have been blessed with in our lives.  Apparently some people think we should sit in our home and whither.  When we choose to not whither we are judged as uncaring parents who have their priorities messed up.   I’m tired of that.  I’m tired.  SO-We are going to the beach where I hope to gain some perspective on my life.  I want to let go of that which I cannot control (which is pretty much everything).   I want to enjoy my husband and my second born son because I can and because they are so worthy of all the love I can possibly bestow upon them.  I will miss my oldest son.  He is a senior in high school and we should be celebrating him on this trip….shit happens and we cope with what we have in front of us.  I wish all of you a week filled with hope, relaxation and love…and maybe even a cold beverage on a sunny beach.  Wish me luck.



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