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Living life

Well, well – it has been a VERY long time since I wrote anything here.

I really should go back an re-read my last entry.

Life is moving slowly and I love it. I’m not looking too far ahead and certainly trying to not look back.

I have trust issues that I work on daily.  I am treasuring family dinners, texts, silly photos, hugs, nighttime chats, small celebrations, thanking God for my trials because I feel strong.  Riding the waves of life and trying to not get sea sick.


Another Friday

So it’s Friday….my favorite day of the week.

My head is slightly in the clouds today.    My visit with my son in jail went very smoothly.  My younger son has a fun weekend planned and my husband returned safely from a short business trip, I’m heading to happy hour at 4:00 and also have a date planned with my man tomorrow night.  What’s not to love?

Once again; I’m going with the good.  I’m choosing to not focus on my sadness about jail and the ‘what-ifs’ of my son’s future and instead I’m feeling grateful for what I do have.

Join me…..

Everyday is a special occasion
Everyday is a special occasion