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Escaping reality

I’m hopping on a jet and meeting my husband in Munich today.  One day of running around there


Heading to Bellagio, Italy for 6 days!  Just him and me.

My wonderful parents will hold down the fort for us.

Can you say LOVELY ESCAPE?






Full weekend






full of fun and lightness….or so it appeared in all the photos I took this weekend.  

You know when your intentions of self talk start with “okay tonight, I’m not going think about _____________!  I’m just going to go out, have great conversation, a couple cocktails, a few belly laughs and enjoy myself”.  Yah, well, I seem to be telling myself this a lot lately.  Whatever though, that is OKAY.  For a portion of the weekend I did just what I set out to do, I appreciated the minutes without looking too far ahead.  This technique seems to be working for me.  I don’t focus on anything too heavy or too far into the future.  The weekend was filled with activities that made me miss my son, I wanted him here to join in (I climbed that hunk of ice in the photo!).  I did some brief self talk about not being able to change our circumstances and I got my anxiety under control…deep breaths…..one minute at a time, one minute at a time, one minute at a time…