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December is ending ~~2014

Are my followers still there?

I’m back for a minute!

I hope all of you are finding the holiday season warm, peaceful, kind and inviting.  It can be so stressful for so many!

I don’t really have anything ‘major’ to discuss or voice. I’m happy as heck with that too.

I’m actually thinking of changing the topic of my blog to encompass more of my life than the issues I have with my 18 year old son.  I’m leaning towards more of an inspirational, kind-hearted, educational, compassionate approach to life.  By educational I mean re-learning and being reminded of small truths we already know but sometimes let slip too far from our daily lives.


In the mean time:  Merry Christmas and get ready 2015 is on its way!



Neglect, but in a good way


I write when I have a deficiency or a need.  I haven’t written in a few days, so that is good news.

I got invited to go to Mexico and I said YES.  I have mixed feelings about this trip.  I want to go, I want to sit in the sand and sip tequila while getting a tan.  I want to forget…..I want to feel light, stress free and at ease.  I want to feel peaceful and okay with my choice of going…..but I don’t yet.  I’m stressing about a few things.  First is my son may be moved from jail to a residential treatment facility, this move MAY take place while I’m gone.  Selfishly, I want him to be moved when I am home and accessible because when he calls from that facility, I can rush down there and SEE HIM FACE TO FACE, I can touch his hair and hug the guts out of him. If he gets moved while I am sitting poolside in Mexico I will miss that opportunity.  It makes my heart hurt…I need to hug him, I need to put my hands on his cheeks and look into his beautiful blue eyes.  I am torn.  I also need to get away…escape and forget my current reality if only for 7 days.  My other stressors are not only secondary they are silly and oh, so petty…I like to wear a bikini and I’m kinda chubby in the middle and I really hope I don’t get food poisoning (again, <insert green faced person> belch!).

So, that’s it for today.  Excitement mixed with emotions of unsettlement (is that a word?)