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Living life

Well, well – it has been a VERY long time since I wrote anything here.

I really should go back an re-read my last entry.

Life is moving slowly and I love it. I’m not looking too far ahead and certainly trying to not look back.

I have trust issues that I work on daily.  I am treasuring family dinners, texts, silly photos, hugs, nighttime chats, small celebrations, thanking God for my trials because I feel strong.  Riding the waves of life and trying to not get sea sick.


Excitement & Trepidation

It’s Saturday morning and I’m feeling two distinct emotions.  

I’m leaving for a Mexico in 24 hours, hence the excitement.

My son is still in jail awaiting his transfer to the rehab facility, which is where the trepidation comes in.  I’ve said before; I want to be there when he is transferred, I want to hug him and touch his cheeks and hair.  I know my sadness for missing that opportunity will be powerfully overwhelming, but:  I may not miss it, he may not move while I’m gone. So with that said…

Today’s Motto:

We have no control of the winds in adverse situations,   but we can adjust our sails. -- Bertha Calloway, also attributed to Dolly Parton

With this attitude I can go on my trip without feeling the heaviness of this situation, knowing that I may miss my chance to hug him.  I can arrive with a lightness that Gods got this and that he’ll do what is best for all of us.  Quite often I have to remind myself of this….saying this over and over in my mind.   I hope you can adjust your sails as well today!