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You know when your stomach starts to ache and your pulse begins to quicken because you have ‘that’ feeling that something isn’t right…?

I have that.

I hate this.

How do you learn to trust again after so many lies…….?



How do you trust?

When someone breaks your trust over and over, how do you open yourself up to give them another chance?  Or don’t you?  My head says “no way, enough is enough”.  My heart says, “when you love someone you forgive them, let them try again”.  I am torn.  Do I just pretend to trust; act like I’m trusting, but keep my heart protected?  I don’t like the idea of not being genuine…but the thought of being disappointed and hurt yet again gives me an upset stomach.  I know I am getting ahead of myself, predicting the future, but I am so hesitant to believe anything my son says.  I feel the like the hits keep coming…